We Are About Community
SDC started out as a Meetup group in 2007. Since then we've grown significantly and
our members include game developers, artists, sound engineers, 3D modelers, and so much more
SDC Is Non-Profit
SDC is dedicated to helping build the industry of game developers and creative people in the
greater Sacramento region. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity that operates on donations from generous supporters like you
Educational Workshops
Working with industry professionals and educational partners,
we offer opportunities throughout the year to learn new skills
Progressive Game Jam
Our premiere program, Progressive Game Jam, is a long-form
mentored game jam where you work with a team through a full development lifecycle to develop a real game.
Meet Other Developers
With events like our social mixers and networking mixers, SDC can help you
meet other game developers just like you. If you've never been to an SDC event before, social mixers are a great way to get started.
Global Game Jam
SDC has hosted Global Game Jam in the Sacramento area since 2014. A unique event
that spans the globe, GGJ is the world's largest game jam.
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SDC In The News

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